Somatic Experiencing

A naturalistic approach to trauma renegotiation.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) was developed by Dr. Peter Levine, a distinguished expert with doctorates in both medical biophysics and psychology. After years of extensive research and practice, Dr. Levine discovered that traumatic experiences disrupt the natural rhythm of the nervous system. He concluded that healing from trauma requires restoring this natural rhythm by engaging with the body.

SE offers a gentle approach to releasing trauma long held in the nervous system. A skilled practitioner can assist clients in becoming aware of their body, including its sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Through this awareness, clients learn ways to regulate their nervous system. As they are supported to do this within the relative safety of the therapeutic relationship, the life energy previously trapped within the body as freeze responses can be accessed, acknowledged, felt, and harnessed. This process allows for a broader and deeper range of expression, both verbally and physically. Consequently, newfound life choices become accessible, resilience and embodiment develop to meet challenges within a wider range of resilience, and individuals experience greater wholeness as a result.

By gently exploring our trauma through a somatic lens, we can uncover the hidden gems of wisdom and growth that lie within.

~ Peter Levine

Benefits of Somatic Experiencing

  • Stay present in overwhelming situations

  • Awareness of your own dysregulation

  • Ability to self-regulate

  • Notice an urgency to fix or help

  • Ability to hold faith in the client’s own capacity to heal themself

  • Keep appropriate boundaries

  • Hold the client’s trauma without being traumatized

SE, a Valuable Tool for Professionals

SE is a valuable tool for professionals from various fields who work with trauma. It adds a necessary dimension to trauma healing and nervous system regulation that increases the effectiveness of working with and resolving trauma.

SE trainings are an excellent way to learn SE both educationally and experientially. 

Shideh is faculty at Somatic Experiencing® International and teaches several trainings nationally and internationally. 

Shideh is offering individual and group case consultations to all SE students and SE practitioners. These consultations are the best way to learn SE or deepen your knowledge of SE by discussing and receiving guidance on how to integrate SE into an existing scope of practice, how to use specific SE tools at the right time, and how to work with your own nervous system to increase resonance with the client.

Consultations are also an excellent way for students and SEP’s alike to learn to work with folks who come to us with complex and relational trauma, Shideh’s specialty.