Hello and Welcome,​

I’m Shideh Lennon, Ph.D., SEP, clinical psychologist, practitioner of Somatic Experiencing and Integral Somatic Psychology, teacher of embodied healing, resilience, and aliveness.

We all have pain and suffering in our lives, and often that pain and suffering affect how we feel, think, relate and live. Old and new wounds haunt every part of our current lives from work to relationships, to feelings, to decision making, to physical symptoms. They will haunt us in body and mind until we address them here and now.

Luckily and without exception every one of us also has built into our psychology and nervous system the capacity for resilience and healing. Thank goodness.

In these pages you’ll be introduced to me and get an overview of my work so that you can have a sense of how this work will be helpful to you as you begin on your path to embodied resilience and an empowered life.