Shideh Lennon, Ph.D.


What is Somatic Experiencing®

Developed by Peter Levine, Ph.D., Somatic Experiencing® is a gentle and effective way to work with difficult or traumatic experiences by encouraging the nervous system’s inherent ability to reset itself and heal. This is done by accessing the felt sense of our experiences in the body rather than only talking about them.

What is Integral Somatic Psychology also known as embodying emotions?

This is a super effective tool developed by Dr. Raja Selvam that focuses on expanding the body and mind’s capacity to identify, acknowledge, and be with difficult emotions. This is also done through using not only talking, but also tapping into the body’s wisdom and feeling emotions fully.

Regardless of whether there is trauma or not, the healing process is deeper and more lasting when talk therapy is combined with the felt sense of feelings and thoughts in the body’s sensory system.  Resilience and healing can only truly happen and deepen when they are felt in the mind and the body.


$195 for an initial 60-min consultation

$180 for a 45-min individual session

$250 for a 60 min couple’s session

Office Policies

Because our appointment time is committed to you, I require a cancellation of 48 hours in advance for you to avoid paying the fee for the session and so that I have a chance to offer the opening to another person who may be waiting for an appointment.