Working With Me

Pain and suffering show up differently for different people. They may come in the form of:

Anxiety/constant worry
Difficulty regulating emotions
Physiological/medical issues like autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, and chronic illness.
Painful relationship patterns
Feelings of isolation or not belonging
Past and present trauma

This list is by no means complete but points out some common challenges that bring people to therapy.

This is where I come in ~

The following recipe is not linear, sometimes ingredient #3 comes first, or #2. This is simply a way to think about it in an organized way.

A Recipe for Healing:

This doesn’t mean being a doormat to it or resigning yourself to old patterns and pains. Quite the opposite: it means learning to be with what is, even (especially) when it’s painful. Greater capacity is the cornerstone of resilience and healing.

We’ll work together to identify the issues and recognize and acknowledge how they live in the nervous system and also emotionally/psychologically. You’ll learn to increase your capacity both physiologically and emotionally at a pace that feels safe.

…of how things got to be the way they are. Our patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving though they may not serve us now, are there for a reason that at one point in our lives was helpful. Understanding this not just intellectually but in the body will lessen shame and self-judgment; this leads to greater resilience.

…to support healing from old or new pain and trauma. This is where we build new pathways in the nervous system and in your psychology by learning and practicing tools that will help you be more in your body and deepen healing.

I will support you in using these tools in your life to make choices from a more resilient, embodied and empowered place in your relationships, your work, and your life in general.

Other Offerings ~

I offer Somatic Experiencing supportive touch work. If you want to experience pure Somatic Experiencing, which leads to greater awareness of the body and a more embodied life, you might consider this form of a more purely body-based psychotherapy.

I also offer in-person and online-workshops for emotional resilience in stressful life situations: parenting, taking care of aging parents, work stress, illness.

Working with me

 with me