For Psycho­therapists and Body Workers

I offer individual and group consultations and workshops for therapists of all levels and trainings. These teachings are focused on embodied psychotherapy and how to bring these tools into your practice.

Coming Home to Embodied Resilience

A day-long workshop for therapists

Date: Saturday July 25th, 2020
Time: 9:30 AM ~ 4:00 PM (EST)
Price: $250

We’re practitioners because of our calling to heal others as well as ourselves. We know that cultivating our own resilience is a foundational piece to such healing. This is especially true in an ever more uncertain world that affects us both professionally and personally.

As practitioners we have the ability to take our strong foundation of resilience and take that resiliency to new depths within us.

In this workshop we’ll focus on finding the bridge back, in both body and mind, to our innate resilience especially with those clients whose challenges and trauma we tend to “bring home” with us. This impacts our energy and our ability to find space in and for ourselves, it might even bring us to our own inner places of challenge, sometimes our own “trauma vortex.” We’ll talk about and cultivate tools to create more space in our nervous system and deepen our capacity to return to resilience, to feel energized, and to respond from our place of deep knowing and clarity.

This workshop will:

1. Speak to our inner yearning to show up as our most resilient selves in both body and mind
2. Do a deep dive into the psychological and nervous system elements of resilience
3. Explore challenges to resilience and how to spot them in the body and mind for ourselves and our clients
4. Add emotional and nervous system regulation tools to your toolbox to ground the body and regulate emotions for you and your clients
5. Add specific body awareness tools to your toolbox to cultivate embodiment and increase capacity to return to resilience

For Psychotherapists

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